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Sunday, June 19, 2011

Watching Democrat spinners on TV today it was interesting to see that they are all on message. I'm always impressed by the way the Democrats instantaneously get their message out to all of their spinners and media sycophants. This time the message is that Republicans have no new ideas, just those old Reagan and Bush ideas that "got us into this mess we are in." I don't know about the new idea thing because the Democrats ideas are all communist and socialist policies that have been tried and failed in the past in other countries. As far as what "got us into the mess we are in" it is clear that making mortgage loans to people who couldn't afford them was the root cause, and that was a Democrat plan. Furthermore, the "mess we are in" seems to be made worse by economic failure in Europe, and it is hard to see how George Bush had anything at all to do with that.


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