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Friday, February 22, 2008

According to David Archibald, anthropogenic global warming is real; it is also insignificant. In this paper Archibald correlates the Earth's temperature to solar activity. He estimates that greenhouse gas has added about 0.1 degrees C to the Earth's average temperature. (This is pretty much what all "global warming deniers" estimate.) Archibald predicts that the Earth is about to enter another cooling cycle that is going to seriously impact the world's food supply. Based on what I know about sunspot activity, I think that it is likely that the Earth is entering a cooling period. Archibald estimates that the "ideal" CO2 concentration level in the atmosphere is 1000 ppm(v), almost three times the current level. At that level plant growth rates will be significantly higher than now. We will need that increase if the Earth enters another little ice age. There is also the likelihood that we could enter another ice age within the next two or three hundred years, which would be catastrophic for humanity. Archibald thinks James Hansen with his "voodoo" science has done the world a favor by getting more scientists interested in climate. This may be true, but unfortunately, politicians, as usual, or a few decades behind and are prone to make bad laws and regulations based on bogus information.


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