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Monday, November 10, 2008

I saw the head of Obama's transition team (her name is Valerie Jarrett, and I think she was born in Iran, and is part of the Daley Chicago machine)interviewed on TV. She said Obama would be ready to rule on Day one. I wonder about her choice of words. Should she not have said "govern" instead of "rule?" I suspect Obama and his team believe that they will rule, that Obama will be the dictator. He certainly sounds like he thinks that as he talks about laws he is going to pass immediately.

He is also talking about bringing the prisoners from Gitmo to the US to be handled in secret "Special Courts." Once he gets those "Special Courts" set up, I suppose he will be able to put his political enemies on trial in them as well. He is a Chicago politician so anything is possible. Maybe he will have his political enemies arrested by his national police force which he envisions as being larger and better funded than the army. All would-be dictators establish a separate army loyal to him personally rather than to the nation. Hitler did it, Stalin did it, and Hugo Chevez has tried it. I suspect Obama will try to use ACORN as the foundation for his national security force. Those ACORN thugs should be good at rounding up political enemies for trial in the secret courts. I am not the only person concerned about this. Here is a comment from a Republican Congressman who has noticed Obama's dictatorial tendencies, and is concerned.

Democrats liked to claim that President Bush was trying to become a dictator, but nothing he ever said or did supported that concern. Obama is a different kettle of fish altogether.


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