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Sunday, November 02, 2008

The World Series recently ended after waiting a few days due to inclement weather in Philadelphia. It seems to me that baseball needs to shorten the season some so that the World Series is over around the first of October. Baseball is a game meant to be played in warm weather. I don't think a baseball game played in near freezing temperatures reveals the best team. Baseball has some other issues it seems to me. The games simply last too long. I think this started when games began to be televised. The players started lollygagging about when the sides changed because the commercial was being played. I suppose the owners like the longer games since more hot dogs and beer get sold. And they like the TV money. Naturally the players don't mind since most of them are making millions per year. Who cares about the fans anyway; after all, they are still attending the games and watching on TV. But, it seems to me that the fan base for baseball is shrinking. It doesn't appear to me that people are as interested in baseball as they were when I was young. This is particularly true of younger people. So, I think that baseball has a longer term problem. But, I suppose their management has the same attitude as the CEO's of financial institutions: I'll get mine and get out before the collapse.


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