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Wednesday, December 10, 2008

I think President Bush should appoint a Special Prosecutor to look into Illinois politics. That is what a Democrat President with a Republican successor in the same situation would do. More than likely President Obama would fire the Special Prosecutor immediately after taking office. Republicans could use that in the next election. Republicans are going to have to learn to play the Democrat's hardball game if the party is to survive. Bush overcame Gore's attempt to steal the election in Florida in 2000, but in 2004the Republicans let the Democrats and Gregoire steal the gubernatorial election in Washington in 2004. (Democrats managed to "find" enough votes to overcome a 4000 vote deficit in that case, while Republicans didn't even look for any.) At least this year the Republicans are doing better in fending off the Franken attempt to steal a Senate seat in Minnesota by, after a slow start, they began 'finding' a few Republican votes, though they may still lose if Franken can get the Senate to take up the case. Soros and the Democrats managed to get someone from Acorn in charge of the election in Minnesota, which positioned them to 'find' a lot of votes after election day. Soros and the Democrats have focused on electing their people to the position in charge of elections in all states. Republicans are going to have to find a way to prevent that from happening. It will be difficult because it is hard to raise money for such a position, since it has no power except to conduct elections. Soros is willing to invest a lot just to be able to tip close elections.


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