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Wednesday, April 15, 2009

There is a lot of interest in the Obama Administration in so-called "green energy." Obama claims he will create millions of jobs with "green energy," the exact number of jobs varies from speech to speech. Obama seems unaware of some basic engineering facts. Wind and solar power are intermittent at best, and are not capable of providing base load electric power. Texas leads the United States in wind power with 7,118 MW of installed generation capacity. This installed generation capacity operates at 8.7% during periods of peak demand. This past winter Great Britain's wind generator's operated at 10% of installed capacity. Germany has the most wind electric generation capacity next to the United States. Overall, it operates at 20% of installed capacity. It is clear that it takes a lot of extra installed capacity when wind power is used. This cost does not appear to be considered by those touting wind power.


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