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Monday, May 11, 2009

The Obama Administration made some estimates of what unemployment would be with and without their bogus stimulus package. Assuming that their estimate was accurate, the data show that the stimulus package was bogus. Here is a comparison of what was projected by the Obama Administration showing that what has actually happened is worse than what was projected for the no stimulus case. But, I'm sure that they would say that unemployment would be even worse without the bogus stimulus. My explanation is that business people looked at what was being done by the Administration, and decided that the plans were not going to work, and immediately began to cut back on their activities. A commenter to my previous post thinks that Obama's plans are designed to fail. I can see some logic in that. After all, his Administration says that the bigger the crisis, the more they can achieve. So, it makes sense that a massive crisis would be beneficial. Of course they have to somehow convince the voters that Bush caused the problem. With support of the MSM that should be easy. Jennifer Rubin has some comments about the Stimulus package, and how some Democrats are saying that they oversold the "repair roads and bridges" aspects.


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