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Thursday, August 27, 2009

I read a lot of articles by people trying to figure out what Obama's agenda is. Some think he is just another Chicago machine politician who's primary objective is just to remain in power. Others think he is a sort of collectivist, Marxist, socialist, communist, of whatever stripe. Others think he is a black racist seeking revenge against whitey. I'm not sure which of these best describes him; he may be some of all of those things. He has put some black racists in the czar jobs, as well as some communists. I think he would like to achieve a state in which there are "equal economic outcomes" for all people rather than a state of "equal opportunity" that America was based on. People generally do not seem to recognize that equality and liberty are opposite sides of the coin. If there is liberty, there will not be equality of outcome because some people will do better than others: if there is equality of outcome, there cannot individual liberty because government will have to take from some to give to those who do not do as well. Collectivists are for "equality" (usually a state where everyone but the political leaders are equally bad off as in Cuba and the Soviet Union) and so must be opposed to individual liberty. Obama and many Democrats think that most people are too stupid to handle their own affairs, and they need elites like Obama and his friends to manage the details of their miserable little lives, and so are harmed by individual liberty. Obama has stated many times that he favors re-distribution of wealth, and that he favors more taxes on the wealthy, even if, by the Laffer Curve, less revenue would be generated for the government. Like most socialists, he views economics as a zero-sum game; that wealth cannot be created, so people with wealth must necessarily have stolen it from the people who deserve it. It appears to me that Obama intends to spend the USA into such debt that taxes will have to be raised on the rich, and that the dollar will have to be devalued, basically stealing from those who have money. Since trickle down economics actually works, the lack of trickle down as the rich are ruined will reduce the economic situation of the poor as the USA is turned into a banana republic. To Obama this will be the state he desires as people are equlaly bad off, and the USA cannot project military power. In conclusion I think he is a machine politician concered about maintaining power rather than the good of the people, so he is also a collectivist, and he wants to get revenge on white people.


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