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Friday, August 28, 2009

One of the problems with the current healthcare reform debate is that it is impossible to know what is being proposed. The House has a 1000-page bill, while the Senate version is 600 pages. These appear to not be cast in concrete, and Congressional staffers regularly change the wording in the bills. The result is that people regularly call each other liars about what is in the bills. Then there is the matter that, despite the length and arcane wording of the bills, the bills are not specific. Instead the bills set up a lot of committees and other bodies to hash out the details. Thus people can only speculate about what will eventually evolve from the bills. Then we have prominent Democrats including Obama saying that the bill will be an incremental step toward their true objective of a universal healthcare system. Finally, the Senate majority leader says he doesn't care what is in the bills, he will put what he wants (specifically a single payer system) into the law during the House-Senate reconciliation conference. It has become obvious that Obama, as he talks about Republican myths about the legislation, doesn't know what is in the bills himself. Here is further discussion on this matter.


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