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Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Dr. Sanity says she will quit medicine if Obamacare is implemented. (My guess is that some watered down version will actually pass, creating ambiguity as to what will actually happen in three years. Despite his urgency to get a law passed, Obama doesn't want any change to go into effect until after the next Presidential election, to reduce the likelihood that dissatisfied people will vote against him.) I wonder how many doctors will actually go "John Galt." Again, it probably depends on what actually is enacted. A more important consideration may be the potential for fewer students to choose medicine for a career. The opinion as to whether or not medical care is a "right" is a fundamental difference between leftists and conservatives (who could also be termed "classical liberals"). Leftists believe in collectivism while conservatives believe in individual liberty. These ideals are opposite sides of the coin; they cannot co-exist indefinitely in any society. Leftists believe that society can make demands on individuals, basically enslaving them, but that doesn't work out well for long because lack of incentive discourages most people from working hard. Why spend 12 years in higher education to get a job in which ingenuity is overwhelmed by bureaucracy. That has been happening in my field of engineering, which is probably why fewer people are going into engineering, as I discussed in my previous post.


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