Location: Pantego, Texas, United States

Thursday, September 17, 2009

The Obama Administration is intent on generating much of the electricity used in the US with wind turbines. They do not seem to realize that there are significant technical challenges associated with wind power, nor that the capital investment is prohibitive. They cite European experience as showing the way to wind power without examining the special circumstances in Europe, and the universal lack of success there. Great Britain's wind power program has cratered, Spain's was an economic fiasco, Germany's turned out to not be a good story, and Denmark's supposedly successful program had some special circumstances that don't apply here, and, by the way, is very expensive and needs more government subsidy. Back here in Texas, 4% of the installed electric generating capacity is in wind turbines. But, only 1% of the electricity used in Texas is produced by the wind turbines. And it would be less than that if the electricity were not heavily subsidized by government. Here is an article about the situation in Denmark. The emphasis on wind power rather than nuclear power is another example of the incompetence of the Obama Administration.


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