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Friday, October 02, 2009

The City of Chicago lost its bid for the 2016 Summer Olympics. On the news I heard people who interpreted the loss as a loss for America. That sounds simplistic to me. Then I heard that it was a loss for Obama, since he took the trouble to fly to Copenhagen with his wife and Oprah to schmooze with the selection committee. It seems to me that it was naive for anyone to believe that a brief appearance by Obama would sway the committee. I take it as another example of how tone deaf Obama and his advisers are to international politics. Then I saw Democrat interviewed on Fox News who blamed Bush. Democrats blame Bush for everything. I saw Geraldine Ferraro interviewed later, and she blamed everything on Bush. According to her Obama basically has no chance because of Bush's failures. I wonder how long the Democrat's demonization of Bush will continue? It is funny that Republicans talk about how poor Carter was as President, but I don't hear them blame Carter for current problems. This despite the fact that a good case can be made that the current problems with Iran are the result of Carter's refusing to back the Shah, and allowing radical Islamists to take over Iran.


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