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Friday, January 29, 2010

Obama exhibits a lot of audicity when he incorrectly criticizes the Supreme Court for changing the law to allow foreign corporations to make political contributions in the US. Not only was his claim incorrect, he is a hypocrite because his campaign has admitted receiving foreign contributions. Of course the Federal Elections Commission (FEC) has declined to investigate the Obama Campaign despite the admissions. There is nothing new in Democrats getting foreign campaign contributions. As an example, one of Hilliary Clinton's Chinese supporters was recently sentenced to prison for this. And who can forget Al Gore picking up a suitcase full of money at a Bhuddist Temple. Something that was illegal, but, as Al told us, "there is no controlling legal authority." You have to use a "perjury trap" to prosecute someone in these cases, as was done with Scooter Libby. Obama has no interest in setting a perjury trap for any of his supporters.


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