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Friday, March 12, 2010

I'm certain that everyone is pleased to learn that Obamaare will create 159 new panels, commissions, and boards to regulate medical care. I'm also sure that everyone will be re-assured to learn that under Obamacare people will no longer have the right to sue the government over denial of medical care or even appeal decisions of the government boards. Those boards will also control private insurance companies so they also are shielded from appeal. Here is a discussion of this issue.

They made fun of Sarah Palin when she termed the new boards "death panels," but she appears to have had it right. If the government decides that a person is not to be treated, that is in effect a death sentence. One result of this law, I predict, will be outsourcing of medical care from the US. People who are denied treatment who have funds will go to foreign countries for treatment. People are already going to India for hip and knee replacements. I expect many American doctors will set up clinics in foreign countries to serve elderly Americans who will be denied treatment under Obamacare rationing. The result may be that spending on medical care does not decline, but is just shifted off-shore. I suspect that will be OK with Obama because the people will be using their own money rather than a government subsidy. Obama would like to strip elderly people of their money to "equalize" society. So he will make the elderly pay for insurance for deadbeats while making them pay for their own care out of their pocket. An ideal solution from his perspective.


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