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Saturday, May 29, 2010

Obama is no more responsible for the oil well explosion in deep water in the Gulf than Bush was responsible for Katrina. There are some differences in the aftermath of each situation. In the case of Katrina the problem lay with the incompetent Mayor of New Orleans and the incompetent governor of Louisiana. They ignored Bush's suggestions to evacuate prior to the storm arriving, and could do nothing after the levee failure. Bush finally violated Federal Law and ordered in the military to save 50,000 people from the water. IN the case of the oil well explosion, Louisiana has a competent governor, but the Federal government has actually prevented them from taking action to prevent the oil from washing up on the shore. For example, government sank the platform, breaking the pipe causing the oil to be released at the bottom of the sea rather than near the surface where it could have been burned. Here is a discussion.


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