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Tuesday, July 06, 2010

Muslims are making a serious attempt to take over the west, including the United States. This plan for conquest of the west was developed by the Muslim Brotherhood back in the 1980's. The plan involves gradually inserting Sharia Law into the west until a critical mass is achieved, and then more violent methods can be adopted. (The critical mass is probably only 10% of the population or less, since the suicidal Muslims can frighten and intimidate the non-Muslim majority.) Attempts are being made to establish enclaves of Sharia Law in the US. Some of Obama's advisers and judicial appointments have said that they see no problem with having Sharia Law in the US. It seems to never occur to them that Sharia Law would be Unconstitutional. Obama is a Muslim, so he appears to have no issue with Sharia Law. AS reported before, Obama has told the NASA Administrator that his primary job is to improve relations with Muslims.


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