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Wednesday, June 16, 2010

I saw the Chairman of BP make a statement after his long meeting with Obama. The Chairman has an accent that sounds French, and I thought he looked French. On top of that his ideas sounded French. He said that both he and Obama are concerned about "the small people." [Editorial correction: the Chairman is Swedish, not French. But, no matter; French or Swedish, he is some sort of socialist.]I don't think he meant people who are small in stature; rather I am certain that he meant what American politicians refer to as the 'little people.' That means us ordinary folks, and I am really glad that BP and Obama are concerned about my welfare. Talking about 'little people' sounds a lot like Democrats, who think people can't take care of themselves. It is no surprise that the CEO of BP reached agreement with Obama. BP supports socialism of the fascist variety: they are in bed with the government: they do what the government wants, and expect the government to reciprocate by favoring them. BP is, from what I have read, the only oil company that primarily supports Democrats, and was a major contributor to Obama. For those who don't know, BP has been one of the most active groups lobbying in favor of Obama's carbon tax and trade initiative. That proves that they, like Obama, are all for us 'little people.' They want more control over us so they can 'take care of us.'


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