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Friday, February 22, 2008

During the past year the average temperature of Earth has fallen almost 0.6 degrees C. This was not predicted by the global warming guru's, and in fact, is not possible if the greenhouse gas driven global warming hypothesis is correct. Thus, the hypothesis is in doubt. Here is a discussion of recent weather events. (Note that those who advanced catastrophic global warming, now talk about "climate change.") The article below is from this site:

[The January 2008 plunge in the world temperature anomaly: the full graph (1919 x 1085 pixels) is available here at Watts Up With That?]

For once, scientifically, the Daily Mail is onto something. As we know, its performance over the putative relationship between autism and the MMR jab was less than helpful, if not downright dangerous. Nevertheless, today the newspaper is rightly speaking out where other media have been notable for their resounding silence: ‘Global Cooling: Amazing pictures of countries joining Britain in the big freeze’ (Daily Mail, February 21):

“... it really is remarkable how little attention has been paid to the extraordinary weather events which in recent weeks have been affecting other parts of the world.

Across much of the northern hemisphere, from Greece and Iran to China and Japan, they have been suffering their worst snowfalls for decades.

Similarly freakish amounts of snow have been falling over much of the northern United States, from Ohio to the Pacific coast, where in parts of the state of Washington up to 200 in of snow have fallen in the past fortnight.

In country after country, these abnormal snowfalls have provoked a crisis.

In China - the only example to have attracted major coverage in Britain - the worst snow for 50 years triggered an unprecedented state of emergency.

Large parts of the country have been paralysed, as rail and road transport ground to a standstill ...”

The Mail report then goes on to note:

“We may ... be seeing the start of a period when temperatures reverse their generally upward trend over the past 30 years, as we did in those decades before 1978 known to climate scientists as ‘the Little Cooling’.”

“Global warming ‘sceptics’ ... are inevitably pointing to these record snowfalls as evidence that global temperatures are no longer rising as the CO2 theory predicts.” And,

“... one of the oddest features of this great freeze is how little it was predicted.”

Plunging Anomaly

Even odder, of course, is why so dramatic a plunge has not been more widely reported, especially when we observe that sea-ice has been returning with some vigour, and that polar bears have been starving because there is too much of the G & T chiller [see: ‘Too Much Ice: Polar Bears Starving’, February 15]. And, indeed, the change is dramatic, as Watts Up With That? records:

“The global surface temperature anomaly data from the UK Hadley Climate Research Unit [as plotted in the graph above] has just been released, and it shows a significant drop in the global temperature anomaly in January 2008, to just 0.034°C, just slightly above zero.

This caps a full year of temperature drop from HadCRUT’s January 2007 value of 0.632°C.

The ∆T for the past 12 months is minus 0.595°C which is in line with other respected global temperature metrics that I have reported on in the past two weeks. RSS, UAH, and GISS global temperature sets all show sharp drops in the last year.”

Causes And Consequences

What is even more interesting is that we can also guess at some of the climate factors which may be involved in this change, again as WUWT hints:

“We are in an extended solar minimum, we have a shift in the Pacific Decadal Oscillation to a cold state, and we are seeing arctic ice extents setting new records and rebounding from the summer melt. While weather is defined as such variability, the fact that so many things are in agreement on a global scale in such a short time span of one year should give us all pause for consideration.”

Indeed it should. So, what does this cold reality check tell us?

(a) first, it is a timely reminder that climate is driven by hundreds of factors, not just by one politically-selected variable; and,

(b) secondly, the lack of media reporting demonstrates powerfully, yet again, how the ‘global warming’ grand narrative and myth works hard to exclude any facts, or science, which does not bolster the hegemony of the myth.

Luckily, however, climate itself doesn’t ‘know’ about the hegemonic ‘global warming’ myth, and so, as the Daily Mail article rightly concludes:

“To the millions of people whose lives have been seriously disrupted by this year’s freeze, the concept of global warming must seem awfully remote.”

Just so - and we are all watching ‘Solar Cycle 24’ with increased interest [see: ‘Spotty Science’, November 21]


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