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Sunday, November 02, 2008

The bankrupt coal comments of Obama that just came to light bring to mind another question: how many other similar comments has he made that the news media are suppressing. There is the tape that the LA Times has in which Obama salutes Rashid Khalidi, the one time spokesman for the murderous thug Yassar Arafat and the PLO. The LA Times says they will release the tape after the election. I am convinced that if the public knew Obama's actual position on issues, he would be unelectable. He is beyond any doubt a collectivist of some stripe: socialist, communist, fascist, or whatever. At present that position on issues, if known, makes one unelectable in America at large. In a few years we will no doubt go socialist as the percentage of western European descent citizens declines, and citizenship is given to the huge number of illegal African and Latin immigrants. The only way Obama can be elected now is if his true beliefs are suppressed and hidden from the public. The Democrats and their media fellow travelers were willing to damage the US effort in Iraq for domestic political gain, and are no doubt willing to deceive the citizens in order to win the upcoming Presidential election. As I listen to Democrats, they say in effect that they can can control Obama. I say why take a chance?


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