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Tuesday, November 11, 2008

I read that one of Obama's first acts will be to ban off-shore drilling for oil. It seems to me that the price of oil started falling back when the ban on drilling was lifted back in September. Without the threat of increased supply, I suspect speculators will drive the price back up. Obama and the Democrats sometimes admit that the would like to see the price of gasoline at $10/gal. so banning drilling helps meet their goal. And, they know that as long as oil is relatively cheap, their alternative energy schemes are not economically viable. Having the price of gasoline fall $2/gal. saves Americans about $300 billion per year which would help lower income people a lot more than higher income people.

Obama is also opposed to nuclear energy, which would help provide clean power to the public at a reasonable cost. Here is an article about small nuclear reactors:


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