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Friday, September 18, 2009

People have commented that William Ayers does not appear to have a role in the Obama Administration. That may be true, but some equally radical people do have a role according to Glen Beck (a guy a little too off-the-wall for my taste, but who was correct about ACORN). The founders of the Weather Underground were William Ayers and Jeff Jones. (Jeff Jones is a friend of Van Jones, but is not related to him as far as I know.) Jeff Jones was chairman of the Apollo Alliance in New York State. The Apollo Alliance is a radical left-wing group funded by George Soros, and is also related to the Tides Foundation that I recall is funded by Mrs. John Kerry. Jeff Jones is now some sort of czar in the Obama Administration. (Given his terrorist ties it is doubtful he could hold any position requiring Senate confirmation.) According to Harry Reid, the Apollo Alliance wrote the infamous Stimulus Bill passed earlier this year by Congress before anyone read it. Jeff Jones is also involved in writing some version of the healthcare reform bill. Yesterday I saw Senator Olympia Snowe interviewed on TV. She said Obama is a moderate. She seems to be unaware of the people Obama has in his Administration and what they are doing. Snowe says the Republican Party has moved away from her to the right. It is hard to believe that the Party of Reagan was ever as liberal as Snowe is.


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