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Tuesday, October 06, 2009

The Democrats in Congress have another great idea: expand the Community Reinvestment Act (CRA). Many people other than Democrats think the CRA was the root cause of the financial meltdown last year. Their alliance with the Democrats has kept mot of the MSM from discussing the CRA role; they prefer to blame free enterprise and bankers. But, in Europe the CRA is widely cited as the primary problem. They recognize that loaning a lot of money to people who have no chance of repaying it will inevitably lead to a financial crisis. The bankers got into trouble because they came up with clever ways to disguise those bad loans, and sell them as AAA loans. This made the situation worse because no one could tell which loans were good and which were bad, so all were devalued. Now the Democrats want to expand the CRA to include credit unions and insurance companies. Thus the government can force even more institutions to make loans to Democrat voters who are unlikely to replay the money. The revised law would also increase the ability of ACORN and the SEIU (Democrat clients) to Mau-Mau those institutions to force them to make more bad loans. More legalized extortion. Democrats refuse to accpet that the CRA was basically corrupt, and caused the financial crisis, so they want to expand the law to create and even larger hazard.


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