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Tuesday, October 20, 2009

One of the silliest things I see on TV is Democrat Party spokesmen (which includes commentators on CNN, CBS, ABC, NBC, NPR, MSNBC, etc.) talking about the enormous benefits of "green energy." They talk about how many jobs will be created by the inefficient energy production, and how the "green" technology will make the United States a world leader, etc. They completely ignore the basic economic fact that more expensive energy is harmful to the economy, and will necessarily lead to a loss of jobs. They also ignore the experience from Europe where "green energy" has been tried, and has not worked out. Here is a blog about the "green" experience in Germany. I think it is amusing that the Germans think they may recoup some of their losses by selling technology to the US. Of course Obama thinks he is "the One" and he can make work things like "green energy" and socialism that have failed everywhere else they were tried. (Liberal Republican Christie Todd Whitman was on Fox Business talking about "green" jobs, but,it turns out, she is not as far out of touch with reality as Obama's crowd. She is proposing more nuclear energy, which is something we need.)


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