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Tuesday, March 23, 2010

The intent of Obamacare was never to reduce the cost of medical care. Instead the Democrat’s goals were to re-distribute wealth, increase government control over the lives of the people, and ultimately drive private insurers out of business so that the government has to completely take over. The bill was cleverly written so that Democrats could run on some of the “good” things it does in the 2010 elections, while delaying some of the less popular aspects until after Obama is re-elected in 2012. The tax increases, for example, come later. Here is a summary of the changes that go into effect in the near term.

Not mentioned in the article above is the increased bureaucracy created in the government, with the creation of dozens of new panels and other governing bodies. The law consisted mostly of “enabling” legislation, which means that the actual rules and regulations are going to be established by these new boards that do not now exist, and are run by unelected bureaucrats. The IRS will be in charge of compliance, and will hire another 16,000 employees to monitor this law. (Nancy Pelosi predicts that the government will add a total of 400,000 employees as a result of this legislation, so expect a lot of new paperwork because shuffling paper is the major activity of all bureaucrats.) Another aspect of this law not discussed above is addressing the “under-representation” of some groups as Medical Doctors. In this instance”under-represented” means black and Hispanic. This means that the government will take action to make it more difficult for Whites and Asians to get into medical school, and that standards for admission will have to be reduced.


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