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Friday, March 12, 2010

The Obamacare law is going to dramatically increase taxes on the elderly. Obama has mentioned that the elderly have too much money, and the government needs to take it to promote "equality." This means that people who were spendthifts, who bought McMansions they couldn't afford, who took expensive vacations, who bought expensive new cars each year are to be subsidized by people who lived modestly, drove cars for ten years, and saved their money and invested it. In the world of Obama the latter people are suckers. It will not take long for people to figure out the system, so savings and investment will dry up. That will gradually reduce the rate of growth of the economy. That will not bother Obama; he is not interested in growth, he is interested in "equality." (For those who have forgotten, "equality" is the opposite of "liberty." If equality is enforced there cannot be liberty. That is why the US was based on "equality under the law," not equality of outcome.)


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