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Tuesday, June 01, 2010

I have been reading about the Joe Sestak "drop out of the Senate Race and we'll give you a great job" scandal. Joe said that he was offered a high level job by the Whitehouse if he would drop out of the Pennsylvania Senate contest, and that they talked about it several times. This is a clear violation of some stupid law that Bill Clinton signed when he was President. The White House at first denied it all. But, after a meeting between Obama and Bill Clinton, they said Rahm Emanuel got Bill Clinton to do it. But, DOJ has looked into it and no laws were broken. Democrats say it was just business as usual. That answer poses a problem in itself because Obama said he was not going to conduct "business as usual in Washington." Now Joe Sespak says that he and Clinton had a 60 second conversation, and that was it. So, we can imagine how the 60 second phone conversation might have gone:

Hi Joe, this is Bill Clinton,

Hi Bill, what's on your mind.

Joe, the President would like for you to drop out of the Senate race, and in return he'll appoint you to some unpaid high level commission where you can get a lot of good press.

Well Bill, tell the President that I'm not interested.

Joe, you should know that if you don't drop out of the Senate race, the Democrat Party will not support you.

Yeah, Bill, I understand that, and frankly this year it may be better to not have Obama's support.

OK Joe, I'll deliver the message.

Thanks Bill. See you around.

Does anyone believe that the "high level" job offer was an unpaid position on an advisory body that a Congressman is actually not eligible to serve on? I think not.


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