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Friday, June 11, 2010

Al Gore (and Lisa Jackson, head of the EPA) like to say that, regarding AGW, “the science is settled.” This is an incredibly stupid statement on its face because the science is never settled on anything. Science may elevate some hypothesis to the level of a law because many tests have been done, and the hypothesis passes all of the tests. In the case of AGW, no tests have actually been done to verify the hypothesis, so AGW has not advanced beyond the state of being a hypothesis. Gore and others like to refer to computer models of the climate that show increasing temperature with increasing temperature levels. The problem with that is that the models do not agree with each other in most details, and the details do not match experience. The climate of the world is largely controlled by the hydrological cycle, specifically with regard to clouds which obviously have a significant impact on surface temperature. The computer models have proven to be inadequate in predicting cloud behavior. (I used to make my living constructing computer models of large systems, and if the details predicted by the models are not correct, the models are not reliable.) Here is the opinion of a scientist who is a “green.”


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