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Wednesday, July 07, 2010

The BP deep sea oil rig explosion and massive oil leak into the Gulf of Mexico provides the environmental crisis liberals have craved. It may be simple incompetence, but the Obama Administration did not take quick action to ameliorate the impact of the leak which could cause conspiracy nuts to suggest that the lack of effective action is deliberate. The Obama Administration is taking the opportunity to do what they have long wanted to do, and that is stop all off-shore drilling. A judge over-turned Obama's moratorium on deep water drilling, but Obama is ignoring the judge. They simply won't issue any more drilling permits. Obama's EPA is also moving to shut down much of the industry in Texas under the guise of improving air quality. Once the oil refineries in Texas are closed, the price of gasoline will skyrocket even if the price of oil falls. Here is some discussion. In a related story, the Ft. Worth Star-Telegram reported today that the cement kilns south of the DFW region are closing for good. It appears that we will have to buy cement from Mexico in the future. With a cessation of drilling in the Gulf, and closing a lot of industry, so unemployment in Texas will be going up. Texas is in the south, and votes Republican. so that fits in with Obama's master plan.


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Not to mention the Dems in Congress are moving to block a proposed pipeline in Canada from delivering Canadian oil to the U.S. Oh well, I guess we will just have to re-align it and send the oil to the west coast for delivery to China.

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