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Thursday, July 29, 2010

Many people I talk to still believe what has become one of the great lies: that is, that large corporations have opposed the “cap and trade” law that environmentalists hope will stop the use of fossil fuels. Actually large companies are mostly “rent seekers” who will support any law that they can get passed which will harm their competitors or garner subsidies for themselves. Individual liberals who would like to see establishment of a socialist global government such as George Soros, Mrs. John Kerry and the Tides Foundation contributed huge sums of money to the cause, dwarfing expenditures of those opposed, who are mainly old retired scientists. This article by Shika Dalmia discusses this, and states that the Breakthrough Institute, a liberal think tank, estimates that $100 million was spent over the past two years on the campaign to get the carbon cap and trade bill passed.


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