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Monday, July 19, 2010

Obama is on TV every day blaming Bush for the current economy. Businesses are not investing and are not hiring people somehow because of Bush's Administration. Obama, as usual, is confused. Investors and businesses do not look at the past for investment and hiring decisions, they look to the future. The future they see from the Obama Administration is more oppressive regulation, higher taxes, more bureaucracy, and an adversarial relationship with the Federal Government. Reacting to this bleak vision of the future they are naturally hoarding cash and postponing hiring. This is exactly what delayed recovery from the great depression under the similar policies of FDR. Unemployment actually was higher after the first six years of FDR's Administration than when he came in. Only World War II reduced unemployment. Apparently Obama and the Democrats are unable to learn from history. Either that, or they think that, like FDR they can achieve electoral success despite public rejection of their fascist agenda by blaming the Republicans for the sorry state of affairs.


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