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Sunday, August 01, 2010

I have been convinced for some time that liberals had some sort of means for distributing “talking points” for dissemination by their “fellow travelers’ in the media. Attacks on conservatives would come simultaneously from all corners with such frequency that it was obvious that there was coordination. The Journolist story reveals that I was correct. The same thing had to be true of the liberal “global warming“narrative. The lack of skepticism about global warming by the media is astonishing, given that journalists are supposed to be inquisitive and not accept what they are told at face value. Instead they completely swallowed the lie that “big oil” was funding the global warming skeptics while environmental groups, liberal think tanks, the government, rent-seeking corporations, and the UN were spending hundreds of millions of dollars to advance the global warming scare story. Here is more from American Thinker.


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