Political Angst In America

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Tuesday, May 31, 2011

The Liberal mindset is interesting. They see problems everywhere that they want to correct. This need for immediate action as compared to the caution of conservatives gives them a profound sense of moral superiority. One curious aspect of the Liberal mind is that they are interested in immediate draconian action to correct any deficiencies they perceive. They want new laws or regulations in short order . The action is paramount; whether or not the action corrects the situation, or even makes things worse, is of no import. All that matters is that action is taken; they don't have time to examine the results. They have to move on to solve the next perceived problem. Basically they are "process oriented" rather than being, as conservatives tend to be, "results oriented."

Thursday, May 26, 2011

A nation cannot long exist if it is a welfare state and has open borders. Poor people from third world countries who have no skills will flock to the country to get the free stuff, and eventually the welfare state will spend itself into oblivion. That is happening in the United States now, and our politicians are unwilling to address the issue. Democrats see the illegal immigrants as future voters who will ensure their hold on power. As usual the Republicans, being the stupid party, are not effective in stopping either the welfare state or the open borders.

Now there is talk about starting some sort of quest worker program. That won't work unless the law is changed so that anyone born in America is automatically and American citizen. Will the children born to the guest workers be citizen's? If so then the guest worker program will be a sham.

The Senate voted down the Republican's proposed budget by 57 to 40. The media hailed this is a great success for the Democrats. Today the Senate voted down Obama's proposed budget by 97 to 0. That would seem to be, if not a victory for Republicans. at least a defeat for Obama. But maybe not, since he doesn't want a budget anyway.

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Benjamin Netanyahu's speech to Congress was well received by both Democrats and Republicans. Netanyahu was born in Israel, but grew up in the US, graduated from high school in Philadelphia, got a degree in Architecture from MIT and also graduated from Harvard. He speaks English like an American. It's too bad he wasn't born in America. Obama's leadership really looks bad compared to Netanyahu's.

Last week Obama had a meeting with the leader of Israel, and "sandbagged" him by proclaiming a new America policy that would virtually ensure the destruction of Israel. "Sandbagging" opponents in this way is a favorite technique of Obama. He did the same thing with the Supreme Court, and with Paul Ryan. Obama is a no class guy who practices politics in"the Chicago Way."

I was not surprised at Obama's antipathy towards Israel. He exhibited that in his autobiography, and with his choice of advisers, such as Samantha Power. He clearly favors Muslims, and doesn't like Israel.

Saturday, May 21, 2011

The Sofitel Hotel is in the news now due to a French bureaucrat getting into trouble while staying in a $3000 per night room. I stayed in the Sofitel once, and as I recall it cost only slightly more than my per diem allowance, which was a lot less than $3000 per day. My accommodations were excellent, so I wonder why a guy on the public payroll needed such an expensive room. This points up a significant issue that I see these days. Specifically that government employees are more and more acting like the Lord and Master of the people rather than servants of the people. This is reflected in the high salaries and benefits given to public employees now. Public employee unions demanding bargaining rights are one example of the current trend. The people need to re-establish primacy, but it will be difficult given that both political parties are on board with the government employees.

Friday, May 20, 2011

Barack Obama's speech on the Middle East yesterday confirms his antipathy toward Israel. His position was obvious during the 2008 Presidential election campaign given his selection of notable opponents of Israel such as Samatha Power and Susan Rice. Despite this the Jewish community supported him. Obama clearly favors Muslims, and regards Israel as an occupying colonial power in Muslim land. With Obama's support Iran will be able to destroy Israel without the need to resort to nuclear weapons. Obama's speech indicates that he encourages an Islamist takeover of the Middle East nations, including those that are now friendly to the US.

Thursday, May 19, 2011

An Evangelist named Harold Camping predicts the end of the world in 48 hours. He previously predicted the end back in 1994, but his mathematical equation was flawed. My prediction is that he will be back working on his equations again in about three days.

I haven't posted anything for some time because I got a new computer and lost my password. I tried to reset the password a few times, and failed until now.

A lot has happened recently, not least the killing of Osama bin Laden. I saw a comment on the matter from an honest celebrity whose name I've forgotten. She said that she approved of the killing, but had to admit that if Bush were President instead of Obama she would have felt differently about it. Most Liberals are not that honest.

Over the past few months the hypocrisy of Liberals has become even more obvious. To them everything Bush ever did was bad, but Obama's continuation of Bush's policies is good. For example, there were anti-war protests around Bush all of the time. Now Obama has ramped up the war in Afghanistan and intervened in a civil war in Libya, yet there are no anti-war protests.

The Liberal hypocrisy is also evident at the state level. When the Republican governor of Wisconsin limits public employee union bargaining power there are major protests and the governor is demonized in the media. When the Democrat governor of New York makes more severe limitations on the unions there are no protests, and hardly any notice in the media.