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Sunday, January 31, 2010

Here is a good discussion of the American view of government. Basically Americans distrust government, and see enlargement of government as a step toward tyranny, a reasonable assumption based on study of ancient and modern history. Democrats have a real hard time understanding this attitude amongst the poor. They accuse Republicans of being budding fascists, yet they are actually the ones who tend toward fascism (which is, after all, a form of socialism that is opposed to capitalism.) My all time favorite Democrat speech was made by Mrs. John Kerry during the 2004 Presidential campaign. She said, and I paraphrase, "Vote for us peasants, and we'll take care of you." After uttering the truth like that Kerry's handlers muzzled her, and she was not heard from for the rest of the campaign. (Mrs. Kerry was born in Africa to Portugese colonialist parents, so she came by her attitude naturally.)

Obama says he is going to freeze non-essential spending for the next three years. That doesn't mean he is cutting anything, he is just not going to increase spending. Since spending went up about 25% his first year, increases aren't really needed. He is promising to not increase spending by 15 billion dollars. Not very impressive out of a $1.4 trillion budget. Of course there will be a lot of spending increase on essential items.

Here from the blog Powerline is more about the problems with the various terrestrial temperature records. This summary details many of the problems with the temperature record.

One thing I learned in thermal modeling of spacecraft is that applying "fudge factors" to make results match test data does not make the model robust enough to correctly predict temperature in other situations. The only way to make the model robust is to correctly model all physical phenomena. Sometimes that means that unknown but important physical phenomena must be identified and then incorporated into the model. This experience made me skeptical about the validity of of the General Circulation Models that are used to predict the earth climate 100 or more years from now. I suspected that not all important phenomena were even recognized, let alone being incorporated in the models. I suspected that not only were some important parameters not include in the GCMs, but that some were not only unknown, but are also not amenable to prediction, such as far-in-the-future sunspot activity. Joe Bastardi has an opinion similar to mine. He also thinks, as I do, that the only credible earth temperature record is that provided by satellites. I have long suspected that the records of NCDC, NOAA, NASA/GISS, and HadCRU were being manipulated. Recent events reveal that this suspicion was justified.

Saturday, January 30, 2010

The Hawaii legislature has rejected "same sex marriage," at least for the moment, as described here. Hawaii is a heavily Democrat state with Republicans outnumbered 45-6 in the House and 23-2 in the Senate. No doubt national Democrats blame this set-back on Republicans, or maybe the evil genius Karl Rove, who has the power to cloud men's minds, or something.

Friday, January 29, 2010

Obama exhibits a lot of audicity when he incorrectly criticizes the Supreme Court for changing the law to allow foreign corporations to make political contributions in the US. Not only was his claim incorrect, he is a hypocrite because his campaign has admitted receiving foreign contributions. Of course the Federal Elections Commission (FEC) has declined to investigate the Obama Campaign despite the admissions. There is nothing new in Democrats getting foreign campaign contributions. As an example, one of Hilliary Clinton's Chinese supporters was recently sentenced to prison for this. And who can forget Al Gore picking up a suitcase full of money at a Bhuddist Temple. Something that was illegal, but, as Al told us, "there is no controlling legal authority." You have to use a "perjury trap" to prosecute someone in these cases, as was done with Scooter Libby. Obama has no interest in setting a perjury trap for any of his supporters.

President Obama is said to be a great speaker, and perhaps he is when his trusty Teleprompter is working. But his speeches are not memorable, and contain a lot of assertions that are factually incorrect. In fact much of what he says about history is untrue. He needs a new speech writer. Some things that strike me from his speeches, he doesn't like the First Amendment much, or the Second Amendment at all. In fact, he is not fond of the Constitution. He thinks it should have provisions for re-distribution of wealth. He very much thinks that the government should provide equality of outcome rather than equal opportunity. It is curious that someone so ill prepared to be President was elected to the office. But, it has happened before, such as in the cases of Jimmy Carter and Warren G. Harding.

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

I hear on TV people giving President Obama the advice that he should promise to stop lying to the people. I don't thin he will do that. I'm pretty sure that he knows that no one would believe him anyway. He seems to think that he can persuade people of anything, so I think he will give his usual speech with false choices, strawmen, and flowery rhetoric. Democrats will be ecstatic. Republicans will scoff. Independents will be the key. My guess is that most of them will be dumbfounded.

Monday, January 25, 2010

Most people accept the government data that the earth is warming. But recently a lot of questions have arisen about the data used in the record. It seems the record keepers have been dropping weather stations in northern regions, which tend to be cold, while keeping warmer stations. This cherry picking has increased the average temperature recently. This article mentions Canada, but 40% of the stations in Russia, primarily in Siberia, have also been dropped. In addition all stations in Bolivia, a high altitude region that is cold, have been dropped and replaced with an average of temperature from the Amazon and coastal Peru, both rather hot regions. On top of that they have been analyzing old temperature records and deciding that the measurements were biased high, and so reducing all of the temperature from 100 years ago. The result is a temperature history chart that shows an alarming rapid increase in temperature in recent times. This is clearly fraudulent, but until recently they were able to hide what they were doing, so the records of NCDC, NASA/GISS, and Hadley CRU were widely accepted. The bogus temperature record was used to calibrate the models that are used to predict future average temperature, which is why the models have failed to demonstrate predictive competence.

There is a lot of money to be made from exaggerated threats from "global warming." The more imminent and dire the conjured up threat, the sooner the study grant money will flow. Here is an example that benefited the Head of the UN IPCC. In this case the culprits admit that they were lying. Here is the story. Generating global warming scares has become a "cottage industry" for scientists in all fields. Most of them just assume temperature is going up a lot, and then project what will happen.

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Things have not been going well for President Obama recently. Blaming George Bush for his failures is no longer working well for him. It turns out he is not so good at governing, so he is returning to what he does well; campaigning. Instead of shaking up his staff, he is bringing back David Plouffe, his campaign manager from the 2008 election. Get ready for more vicious attacks on Bush. I'm sure the media will buy it. I wonder if the people can be suckered again?

Friday, January 22, 2010

Anyone who understands how the Average Global Temperature Anomaly (AGTA) is determined would realize that projected a sparse, irregular set of temperature data to the AGTA would be subject to error so large that it would be impossible to say anything about whether or not global warming is happening. Here is a discussion of the issue.

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Cass Sunstein is an even scarier person than his wife, Samantha Power. She just wants the UN to take over Israel. He wants to enforce "correct" thinking in the United States, and he has a plan as discussed here. Since Obama has put him in charge of "regulation" he may be able to implement his plan. His ideas are much like those employed in communist countries because, like Obama, he is fundamentally a Marxist. He will no doubt have to establish "re-education camps" similar to those that were used in Russia, Viet Nam, etc. If you read this blog, you may be a candidate for re-education. So I may see you there.

Obama is not going to abandon his goal of turning the US into a socialist (actually fascist) state because of the set-back in the Massachusetts Senate election. He will continue to push for the law that allows the Secretary of Treasury to take over any company that is perceived to be a threat to the economic security of the nation. Here is the view of Dick Morris on this issue.

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Last Sunday President Obama gave a speech in support of Massachusetts Senatorial candidate Margaret Coakley. In his speech President Obama reiterated his desire to convert the basis of American society from "equal opportunity" to "equal outcome." The founders of our country recognized that individual liberty is compatible with "equal opportunity" but not with "equal outcome." This should be obvious since coercion or even application of force that limits the liberty of some people is necessary to achieve "equal outcome." There are examples of various types of collectivist states, socialist, fascist, communist, that have attempted to enforce equal outcomes. These states have all devolved to a situation where most people are equally bad off, except for a ruling elite. Incentives for individuals to excel are eliminated, and the economy stagnates as structural unemployment grows. This is where President Obama's vision will lead America. Democrats are hoping that a majority of Americans share President Obama's vision of mediocrity, and his goal of managing America's decline. During the 2008 election President Obama was a one-eyed jack, and people didn't see him fully. I hope that people will reject his vision of America now that we have seen what he actually plans for America.

The oldest temperature record in the world is from a group of weather stations in Central England. The record shows that the temperature in Central England has been increasing at the same rate for 350 years, without an acceleration during the twentieth century. The official temperature record for the world, as compiled by Hadley CRU, NOAA, and NASA/GISS, shows a rapid uptrend toward the end of the twentieth century. According to those authorities, the increase in temperature was more dramatic in the Northern Hemisphere than in the Southern Hemisphere. It is difficult to understand how there could have been such a large Northern Hemisphere increase that missed Central England. Here is an article on this situation.

Monday, January 18, 2010

The General Circulation Models (GCMs)have failed to demonstrate predictive competence. This article discusses a paper by Douglass, et al that demonstrated that the GCMs were failures. The so-called stolen emails from Hadley CRU showed that the proponents of AGW were aware that the GCMs were failures, but made no attempt to improve them. Instead they conspired to get the AGW critics fired.

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Obama claimed that he was going to improve America's image around the world. So he has gone around the world apologizing for America and bowing to despot's. How has this worked? Not well according to this American Thinker article. <

Apocalyptic global warming skeptics have long argued that the proponents of AGW have manipulated data to prove their case. (They then used the distorted temperature record to calibrate the General Circulation Models that were used to predict coming runaway temperature increases, so it is not a surprise that the GCMs have not demonstrated prediction competence.) Here from the blog Flopping Aces is a discussion and some video's on how the temperature record was distorted.

The modern environmental movement started about the time of Rachel Carson’s book, Silent Spring. It has long been known that the book was based on questionable research, and that it distorted scientific studies. But, the book was successful and prompted governments to action, even though it was known that the actions were unnecessary. This success prompted environmentalists to adopt similar deceptive tactics to achieve their goals, which usually were to promote a socialist state, or to establish Rousseau’s Romanticism in modern society. Here is a discussion.

Monday, January 11, 2010

There is something funny about the funding of the scientists working on the AGW scare. There seems to have been orders of magnitude more money spent by the proponents of the AGW hypothesis than by the skeptics. Much of the proponent’s funding came from governments, directed by politicians that have an agenda that involves increased government control, and even, according to what they said in Copenhagen recently, world government. Others like Al Gore and the head of the IPCC seem to have personal profit motives. Some of the funding appears to have come from organizations associated with George Soros. The Tides foundation also seems to have been involved. Regardless of the validity of the AGW hypothesis, there appears to have been a world-wide conspiracy in play.

Here is a story about some of the funding.

It seems to me that any real journalists would be interested in following the money to see what this was all about, to get the story, even if they agree with the AGW proponent’s agenda. But, maybe they know that this conspiracy is is widespread that there would be no Pulitzer for revealing the story.

Here is an article by John Bolton about President Obama’s philosophy and objectives. Obama’s Aides have said that his policy goal is to manage the decline of America. He regards himself as the first Post-American President. He seems to think that his destiny is to be the leader of the entire world, not just America.

Saturday, January 09, 2010

It is a scientific fact that CO2 absorbs infrared radiation at wavelengths of 2.7, 4.3, and 14.77 microns. An increase in CO2 in the atmosphere will therefore tend to increase the temperature of the atmosphere. Most everyone agrees with that. The question about Apocalyptic Anthropogenic Global Warming (AGW) revolves around how robust the Earth's climate system is. The proponents of Apocalyptic AGW think that the system is not robust, and that all feedbacks are positive and none are negative, so a small temperature increase will lead to runaway increasing temperature. The skeptics think that not all feedbacks are positive, and the climate system is robust. There is a lot history going back millions of years that support the robust climate hypothesis (and proponents of AGW know that, which is why they have taken such pains to modify the record). Here is a good discussion of the history of Earth's climate.

Friday, January 08, 2010

The Chicago Democrats are in the process of conducting a coup to take over America. This has been planned for some time. It is becoming obvious that the Democrats have established a strategy that enables them to claim victory in any close election, even if they are behind in the original vote count. They have shown that in the Washington State governor's election a few years ago, and in the Al Franken Senatorial win. They perfected their "count the votes until we win" strategy after their failure to steal the Presidential election in Florida in 2000. Here is an article about Obama and his Chicago friends, and their plans to bring Chicago style politics to America.

Thursday, January 07, 2010

The UN IPCC and AGW supporters like to say that there are 2500 scientists who agree that apocalyptic AGW is real. They never mention that many of the 2500 have publicly said they do not agree. Nor do they mention that only a handful of the scientists are actually climatologists. Here is a story about 141 real climatologists who have written to the UN stating the the apocalyptic AGW supporters have so far failed to prove their hypothesis.

Climate is really complicated, and the AGW proponents are not considering all aspects because they have a political agenda directed at reducing use of fossil fuels. Here is an article about a climate influence that the UN IPCC has ignored.

Obama and the Democrats are promoting the so-called green economy, which they claim will improve the climate while simultaneously providing more jobs. In my opinion the improving the climate part, while I doubt it, is at least arguable. The increased jobs part is a cruel hoax. It should be obvious that requiring more labor to produce the same output is a step backward, and that the jobs will be low quality. When I was young many people were concerned with the advent of cotton picking machines, because of the elimination of labor. But, the machines reduced the cost of cotton and the jobs eliminated were very low pay, and the people displaced moved on to better jobs that paid more. Here is an article that discusses the flaws in the "green" economy.

Here is a discussion of climate change from Russia. Note the attractive redheaded lady getting off of the train. Many people don't know that Western Russia was settled by Vikings, so they have a lot of redheads and blondes.

Wednesday, January 06, 2010

I read in the newspaper today that the cold weather now being experienced over the entire northern hemisphere is caused by global warming. And that Leon Panetta has the CIA focused more on global warming than Islamic terrorism. Since Obama was elected it seems as if we have gone through the looking glass into the world of Alice in Wonderland.

From Australia there is an interesting article by Christopher Monckton. He was science adviser to Margaret Thatcher and is also some sort of hereditary noble, so I’m sure socialists and Democrats would not put much stock in his work (though he does seem to be a lot smarter than Prince Charles, for example, or even Noble Prize Honoree Al Gore).

Sunday, January 03, 2010

A. J. Strata has a comparison of the NASA/GISS record of Earth's average temperature with the record from satellite measurements. The NASA/GISS record is based on sparse measurements and a lot of extrapolation to fill in the vast areas where no measurements are made. The satellite measurements do not show as much temperature increase as the NASA/GISS approximation.

The recent financial meltdown is hard for most people to understand., but Democrats managed to blame it on Bush, who was partly responsible, though it was primarily the fault of Democrats. Barney Frank and his former boyfriend at Fannie Mae were the primary culprits, though Chris Dodd bears some responsibility. Frank must have been aware that Fannie Mae and Freddy Mac were claiming that the subprime loans they were making were actually prime loans. This should be investigated, and people should be prosecuted for this deception. Bush and the Republicans attempted to reign in Fannie Mae and Freddy mac with more regulations in 2005. I have seen Youtube video's of Frank and members of the Congressional Black Caucus berating government officials for daring to put more regulation on the GSE's. As usual, the Democrats were able to mislead people as to who the real culprits were. Here is a discussion of what happened by Peter Wallison.

Our politicians seem incapable of recognizing that we are in a religious war with Muslims who want to inflict Sharia Law on the entire world. Actually, the Muslims are at war with us, though we don't acknowledge it. Bush tried to identify a war on "terrorism," something that doesn't make sense because terrorism is a tactic, not a group. Obama is in an even worse state of denial. Like most Democrats he sees terrorism as a criminal activity, not a tactic of war employed by those intent on destroying us.

Saturday, January 02, 2010

Japan has a healthcare system that closely resembles Obamacare (as well as we can tell what Obamacare is). Here is a little anecdotal description of how to get decent care in Japan.

Here is a scary report of ice disappearing from the Arctic region. The report was written in 1922, well before Al Gore was born. (As I recall Amundsen sailed through the Northwest Passage in a sailboat around 1904-1905. Gore probably doesn't believe these old reports of warming.)

I have been interested in thorium fueled nuclear reactors for electricity generation. There is a lot of thorium in the United States, and huge amounts in India and some other nations. Thorium fueled reactors could provide electric power needs for the world for thousands of years. Thorium has the advantage of being very efficient and not being a potential material for bombs. Thorium reactors even offer the opportunity to consume the burned out fuel rods from the current nuclear reactors. This is a lot better solution to future electricity needs than solar or wind power. Here is a discussion of thorium fueled reactors.

Friday, January 01, 2010

I continue to be surprised that anyone believes in Al Gore's vision of Apocalyptic Anthropogenic Global Warming (AGW) given the circumstances around the creation of the UN Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) and that group's subsequent fraudulent behavior. I suppose most people were not paying attention, and that the idea of man-made disaster feeds the western guilt complex. By now, everyone should be aware that the AGW hypothesis is a dubious proposition. Here from Powerline is a discussion of some of the early fraudulent activities of the UN IPCC.