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Wednesday, October 06, 2010

Jerry Brown pulled the trigger on his "October Surprise" right on schedule. I have a hard time understanding the issue. Meg Whitman had an illegal alien maid for many years. The maid had lied about his citizenship status, and was fired after it was determined that she was in the country illegally. Brown says that Whitman should quite whining, "apologize and move on." I'm trying to figure what Whitman should apologize for. I guess for being duped. Brown's message would seem to be that no one should hire a person who appears to be a Mexican without a thorough background check. That would not seem to be the message his supporters would like. Brown's "October Surprise" appears to be working in that Whitman has lost support. This whole "October Surprise" phenomena is curious to me. I can understand that Brown does not want to run his record since he is largely responsible for California's financial woes dating from his previous term as governor. I wonder why people are swayed by things that have nothing to do with public policy. I think the entire issue reflects badly on Brown because the maid has admitted that she committed a crime by using a false Social Security number, and is subject to prosecution.


Anonymous SW Andersen said...

Whitman is prototypical rich Republican politician material, all right. Besides dishonesty and hypocrisy, what, exactly, qualifies her to be governor?

Oh, business experience! As if California state government is supposed to be a profit-making operation. As if a bean counter devoted to increasing sharholder value and perpetually pumping up the bottom line is the most important thing to the citizenry. Well, maybe the citizenry of Orange County. Elsewhere, people have kids who need educating, some of them kids with special needs, and not all those parents can begin to afford upscale private care facilities and such.

Once upon a time I thought Jerry Brown was a bit too eccentric. I think he matured and I know I have. I’ve seen him speak a few times over the years and read a couple of pieces by him. I think he’s got good values and instincts and a lot to offer. I hope Californians are smart enough to choose him over Whitman. If she wants someplace to run, maybe she could buy an island somewhere and set up a Republican republic. Who knows, with any luck jugheads like Rick Perry, Mark Sanford and some others would emigrate to it.

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