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Sunday, September 20, 2009

Obama has decided not to deploy the missile defense system in Poland and Czechoslovakia as planned by the Bush Administration. The reason given for the decision was that recent intelligence indicates that Iranians are not moving to develop long range missiles as had been anticipated. It is possible that the Iranians slowed development, if indeed they did, because of the planned deployment of the missile defense system. (It could be noted that US intelligence about what is happening inside totalitarian countries is not very good, and often appears driven by domestic politics.) Russia and Liberals in the US are very happy with the decision, while Poles, Czechs and consevatives in the US are not happy. The Russians apparently did not give up anything in return for the US action. Some think there was a quid pro quo in that the Russians have said that they will not now deploy Iskander missiles along the border of Poland. The Iskander is a mobile short range missile that is about equivalent to the Army TACMS, and has a similar mission which includes suppression of air defense sites. Since the potential targets have been removed, there is no reason to deploy the Iskander, so this Russian action is logical, and has no strategic significance. Here is a view from Poland. Obama may have been popular in Europe during the election, but he won't be as he appeases our enemies and stabs our friends in the back.


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