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Saturday, September 19, 2009

The proponents of the apocalyptic anthropogenic global warming (AGW) hypothesis have been hoping that the world's supply of petroleum would soon be depleted. The hope was that, as the supply dwindled, the cost of petroleum would increase sufficiently so that "green" energy would become cost competitive. This has not been working out well recently. Independent drillers in Texas have figured out how to extract natural gas from deep underground shale formations. This has dramatically increased the supply of natural gas in the USA to the point that reserves are now 2000 trillion cubic feet, and growing. This means that NG will be available at reasonable prices for more than one hundred years. This horizontal drilling, slick water fracturing technique has not been used much in other parts of the world yet, but will undoubtedly vastly increase the world's supply of NG. Then there are the deep water oil wells being drilled around the world as described in the WSJ. This is a big disappointment for the "greens." They also have the problem that the world is now cooling, the computer models that under grid the AGW hypothesis have been shown to have no predictive competence, so they are forced to present ever more hysterical and shrill alarms to call for action. They are now at the point where exercise of raw political power is the only thing that will stop the use of petroleum. Political power starts with science, but ignores scientific uncertainty that particularly exists with new fields of science like climatology. Most politicians have no scientific training or even understanding of science. But, they do like increasing their power.


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