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Tuesday, October 20, 2009

It is well known that Obama used the techniques of Saul Alinsky in his rise to power. (Hillary Clinton, another follower of Alinsky also used Alinsky's Rules for Radicals, but less successfully than Obama. And the Democrats had used Alinsky's tactics against Bush for eight years.) Now, as discussed in this article by Kyle-Anne Shiver, Obama is continuing to use the Alinsky tactics against Republicans. This seems a bit odd to me because Alinsky's tactics were developed to be used by the disadvantaged against the people perceived to be in power. I'm not sure that the tactics will work as well for those in power against those who are not in power. Then there is the awareness of the victims of the Alinsky tactics as to what is happening to them, something Bush never seemed to grasp. What if conservatives now begin to use Alinsky tactics against Obama. In the past conservatives were unwilling to use tactics that would harm the US in foreign affairs, a constraint that liberals have never felt. If Obama persists, things are going to get ugly. I suspect Obama will try to provoke some sort of violent response from conservatives so he can use force against them. Without some overt action on the part of his enemies it is unlikely that law enforcement and the military would support Obama. He may have to wait until he can gain more control over those institutions. Now we know that Obama's supporters are also studying Mao's Little Red Book, so he may be about to escalate his conflict with America.


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